Rosemary Gruner

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Seventeen years ago, the Gruners’ struck out on a journey to support a group in our community whose needs were not being addressed by any other organization. We have been so fortunate that our sponsors, volunteers and event participants continue to join forces with us year after year. As a result, the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund has been able to fulfill 100% of qualified requests for financial assistance since our creation. As a family, we are committed to continuing that policy.

Our daily lives have certainly changed a great deal in the last few months, but here at the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund, we continue to help our friends and family who are fighting cancer. Unfortunately, cancer diagnoses and treatments have not stopped. Patients diagnosed with cancer and their families continue to need help more than ever.

However, we are faced with a conundrum about this year’s event. It is unclear whether social distancing orders will still be in place in the fall. Further, we recognize the financial hardships that the pandemic has caused for many of the businesses and individuals who are our biggest supporters. Therefore, we are not sure if we will be able to celebrate the Bike for Cancer Care this year in the same way that we have in the past.

Please continue to hold Sunday, September 27, 2020 on your calendar. We hope to gather our friends and supporters to check in or have a virtual event as conditions permit. In the meantime, please keep our recipients, their families, our community, nation, and world in your prayers. You are all in ours!

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Warmest regards,

Ellen Gruner Arsenault on behalf of the Arsenault, DiDonna and Gruner Families


A helping hand for cancer patients and their families