“I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the gas and food gift cards. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2019. When I started my daily radiation treatments the traveling became costly. The Hannaford food gift cards were also helpful keeping food on my table. I am so grateful for the gas and food gift cards that I was blessed with. I thank you so much.”


“Finding out about my cancer diagnosis was a shock but having Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund extend their financial help was a wonderful support. I want to thank all involved at the Benedictine Health Foundation!”


“Wow! I can’t express my gratitude enough for the gift from your foundation. As a single cancer patient living on a small fixed income, this gift couldn’t have come at a better time. Being able to get back and forth to my treatments and also run errands, without the stress of deciding what I must sacrifice in order to put food on my table, or gas in my car, is indeed priceless – more than I can properly articulate. Your assistance (gift) has lifted a cloud of stress from me, and frankly, I always want to have a positive attitude as I continue to face this challenging treatment. We all know that mental health is essential to getting well. Your foundation has provided me some much needed relief. I am, Eternally grateful.”


team shananigan group photo in front of event banner

“I have been volunteering and donating to the Bike for Cancer Care 5K Run/Walk event for 5 years. My friend Elissa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 years ago and we began to volunteer and give back to our local community to help others. Back in August of 2017, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We turned to the Benedictine Health Foundation for help. They immediately provided my mom with gift cards to Stewarts and Hannaford. This certainly put a smile on my mom’s face not having to worry about gas, vitamins and supplements that she was now required to take. This year we were able to rise over $5,000 which helps 10 cancer patients for the next year. My mom passed in June of this year and we would now like to continue raising money in memory of her so that we can continue to help others. Please join us in our fight against cancer and help cancer patients in our community. Thank you!”

Teri Van Buren, Team ShaNANigan

Father and his son holding Bike For Cancer Care Card

“I ride because I can… and for all of those people who can’t. I ride in memory of all my family members who we have lost to cancer and also ride in support of my family members that have fought and beat cancer.”

Brad Tuttle (pictured with his dad, Steve Tuttle)

“Your kindness and generosity went far beyond what I could have ask for. I can only give you and your group, a blessed Thank You.”

Carmen N. Rosenthal

“The Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund helps many of my patients make it through the first two years of cancer treatment.  Because of time lost from work and high out of pocket expenses for health care, patients need financial support during treatment. Without this fund, our patients might not go through with radiation and other treatments that allow them to live healthy cancer free lives!”

Dr. Zoe Weinstein

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April, 2017. I’ve went through six months of chemo, 2 operations, and now doing another six months of chemo. I live 50 miles away and have to travel back and forth for treatments. The travel costs had severely cut into my expenses, leaving me with over-due utility bills, shut-off notices, etc. The gift cards for food and gas were greatly appreciated. They helped me to be able to get my utility bills almost up to date. Thank you so much!”


“What a treat to buy groceries and include a few items we usually do without to save a few dollars. Handing the cashier a gift card is the bright spot in my day! Also, it was so easy to apply! At this time there is a huge amount of paper work to deal with so it was greatly appreciated. Blessings to all who make this possible.”


“Thank you for all your help and thanks to the Foundation for helping me with this cancer journey I am on. You have made it bearable.”


“We would like to express our infinite thanks to the Rosemary Gruner Memorial Cancer fund. They have helped us two years in a row and we cannot begin to tell you how much we do appreciate the help. I am dealing with Hodgkin lymphoma and having been able to get help for food and gas really really makes a difference.”


“It’s very nice, when you’re experiencing an unexpected and serious medical condition, to know that some of our neighbors would like to help you keep your life on an even keel. The gift cards for Hannaford’s groceries were very helpful while I was having unusual medical expenses. Your generous gift made a big difference in my peace of mind. Fortunately, the surgery I had was successful, and I am feeling much better. So many thanks to you and your donors.”


“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the financial support recently received. The Stewarts’s cards are being used for transportation costs incurred by the many trips to my doctor’s offices. My husband and I have only one car, two work schedules–usually conflicting–and a 54 mile round trip from home to Kingston. And quite thankful, of course, for the Hannaford’s grocery cards! This is truly local support. It felt ‘indulgent’ not to have to worry about one’s basic costs of gasoline and groceries. This support has eased our financial concerns, especially with the home heating season approaching.”


“Thanks so much for your continued love and support of Andrew Finnigan.  Andy just turned 10 years old; he was diagnosed in California 5 years ago with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  We immediately moved to New York for his treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, making Woodstock our new home.  The Gruner Fund has been so helpful during times of treatment.  It has carried us through as we have walked the Cancer pathwhile we were working on breathing and didn’t even know how much we needed support.  Andy and our family have been fighting his Cancer for almost 5 years with great success.  After two relapses, moving to New York has been the best decision we made in fighting for the cancer cure for Andrew. Thanks so much for walking with us and for your heartfelt and generous support…it has meant so much in our lives.

The Finnigans

“Thank you to the Gruner Family and Benedictine Health Foundation for the support when I needed it during treatment two-and-a-half years ago. Your contributions to individuals and the community are beyond measure.”

Kristin Flynn, Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of the Fashion Program at SUNY Ulster

A helping hand for cancer patients and their families